Welcome to all things Green Chile.  We dedicate this section of our website to all things Green Chile or Verde Chile depending on your preference.

Jim and John, owners of the fabulous El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa Company, believe in the importance eating fresh and healthy foods daily. Here we share with you some of the facts about the glorious Green Chile and open our doors to hearing about your best green chile recipes and tips on how you enjoy this amazing pepper!


Can a green chile improve your health?
Just about anyone who has eaten fresh roasted green chilies can attest to the intense sinus clearing effect and the overall sensation that it creates when you are eating it, but lesser known are the green chile nutritional facts and health benefits.
Green Chile is a “super food” with super benefits like low cholesterol and rich in vitamins and essential minerals that make this the perfect part of your regular diet.
Here are just a few of the green chile health and nutritional facts you should know:
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