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LPGA Star Rosie Jones' Favorite Albuquerque Places

gwar02_rosie_jones_my_town_thRose Jones is the 53-year-old former LPGA player won 13 titles, with victories that spanned 17 years (1987 and 2003). Although she was born in Santa Ana, Calif., and has lived in Atlanta for years, her heart--one of her biggest attributes as a 13-time LPGA winner--remains in Albuquerque, where she grew up and first made a name for herself in golf. She also competed in seven Solheim Cups (11-9-2 record) and captained the 2011 U.S. team. While currently playing on the Legends Tour (where she has won four times), she oversees Rosie Jones Golf Getaways, a high-end golf-vacation venture.

In a recent article in Golf Digest she is quoted to say, "My all-time favorite Albuquerque restaurant is El Pinto, a traditional New Mexican-style restaurant that's a local institution. The menu is fantastic, and they make their own salsa and mixes. Unbelievably, I saw a bottle of their Green Chile Sauce in Skaneateles, N.Y."

Thanks for the support Rosie. We are always pleased to see you when you are in town. And don't be surprised to see El Pinto Salsa and Green Chile on your local grocery shelf. We are in all 50 states but not quite in all grocery stores in all 50 states (yet).


Read the full article at Golf Digest.


REMODELED Premier Party

The Premier Party for "Re-Modeled" is at El Pinto with the star of the show Meghan Wiggins, a model who is from the "505" but is jetting from Paris to New York with her new-found career as a future supermodel. There are a very limited number of tickets available to the public. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on the list.

Re-Modeled, a new reality show by CW premiering during sweeps week, is hosted by Paul Fisher. He is a legend in the modeling industry, making his mark during the heyday of the "supermodel" era in the 1980s and early 1990s,. With his bigger-than-life personality and often brutally frank opinions, he earned his reputation as a star-maker through his uncanny ability to spot the potential superstar in a group of inexperienced young models. Now he's taking his passion for the business and focusing it on bringing small agencies from around the world together under his new venture called The Network. The Network will give Fisher the leverage he needs to change the industry from the inside out, with multiple missions in mind: to make sure the small agencies no longer get screwed by the big boys, to create the next generation of supermodels, and to empower those models to take control of their careers and lead healthier lives. Along the way, Fisher and his team will not only make over the offices of the agencies that join The Network, but will work with the owners and their staff members to find a true star in each market.

Albuquerque Film Festival

UPDATE 8/2/2001: From the Albuquerque Film Festival: Congrats to our 2011 AFF Commercial Spot Challenge Winner. . . The MASH-UP KING!

This commercial will be broadcast on Comcast and LD (aka The Mash-Up King) will receive two All-Access ABQ Fiim Festival passes plus hotel accommodations.
Nice work LD!

Here is the commercial where the salsa twins took to the pallets for some fun to promote the 2011 Albuquerque Film Festival.


New Single Serve Cups in 4-Packs

We have a couple new products ready to go that you are going to love. As the kids head back to school, turn that lunchroom food into a tasty meal with El Pinto's new single serve cups of salsa and green chile sauce. As mom and dad head off to work, there isn't anything wrong wtih adding a bit of spice to the institutional food. This is the same El Pinto salsa and green chile sauce you love, but now it is in convienent single serve cups in this 4-pack.

Thank you from Iraq


El Pinto:

I would like to THANK YOU on behalf of the Iraq Training and Advisory Mission - Air Force for sending the case of salsa to our unit here in Iraq. I was so excited to share a little taste of home with my unit--they loved the salsa!  Some of the folks I am deployed with have been stationed in New Mexico at some point in their career and were excited to partake in the "REAL" New Mexico salsa once again.  Your generosity really means a ton to us out here and we truly appreciate it.  I will be home in two weeks on a 15-day pass; I hope I can thank you in person but for now I hope this email will suffice.

Very Respectfully,
Capt Maureen Trujillo  

Senior ATC Advisor; ITAM-AF/DAG