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Patios and Indoor Dining is Open

Dining indoor and outdoor patio dining is open.

New Mexico continues to be under some restrictions, however, El Pinto has 600 seats for dining outdoor in open air covered patios and additional seating indoor within small rooms.

Patio and indoor dining is allowed and masks are only required by Governor decree when indoor. Please make a reservation at www.elpinto.com to help us manage customer flow. 

(updated Oct 2021)

Big Game Party Box Take Out

Enjoy the Big Game without the stress

Everything for your football party is made in house and ready to heat. Enjoy El Pinto's famous Hatch red chile ribs, rolled tacos, hot wings, and more for your Big Game party.

Order online or by calling 505-898-1771 to schedule a pick-up. Order by Saturday, Feb 6th by 5 p.m. with a last pick up Sunday Feb 7th by noon. Please help us by ordering early so we have time to prepare each order.


Big Game Party Packs

$55.00 + tax per Party Box

Party Boxes served Cold

(Each Meal serves 4-6 people)

Order your meal by Saturday February 6th by 5:00 PM

Orders must be picked up on Sunday February 7th no later than 12:00 pm


Red Chile Riblets Party Box

1 Dozen Red Chile ribs with ranch or blue cheese dressing, celery and carrots

1 Pint Chile con Queso

1 Pint Guacamole

1 Pint salsa


Chocolate Chip cookies

Hot Wings Party Box

1 Dozen Red Hot wings with ranch or blue cheese dressing, celery and carrots

1 pint Chile con Queso

1 Pint Guacamole

1 Pint Salsa


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rolled Taco Party Box

1 Dozen Rolled tacos (Beef or Chicken) with ranch or blue cheese dressing, celery and carrots

1 Pint Chile con Queso

1 Pint Guacamole

1 Pint Salsa


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Party Box Combo $65.55 + tax

½ Doz. Riblets, ½ Doz. Hot Wings & ½ Doz. Rolled tacos (Beef or Chicken) with ranch or blue cheese dressing, celery and carrots

1 pint Chile con Queso

1 Pint Guacamole

1 Pint Salsa


Chocolate Chip Cookies


The Hen Hotel at El Pinto

El Pinto is the Only Animal Welfare Approved Restaurant in the Nation

with a Laying Hen program on restaurant property

See the Video: https://youtu.be/y3gpsNtK8ME

Read the Animal Welfare Approved Story

El Pinto Restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico is now using 100% pasture-raised eggs for all entrees. To accomplish this unprecedented feat, El Pinto is caring for 200 laying hens to produce the required pasture-raised eggs on a daily basis for restaurant use. The restaurant’s “Hen Hotel” is located on the property of El Pinto in the North Valley of Albuquerque. This commitment makes El Pinto Restaurant one of the few, and the definitely the largest restaurant in America with a pasture-raised egg commitment.

“Our passion is clean and nutritious food for all of our guests,” explains Jim Thomas, co-owner of El Pinto. He continues, “Healthy happy hens produce eggs of amazing nutritional value and outstanding taste.”

There is extensive lack of understanding in egg production standards which confuses the consumer. “Pasture-raised” is the only standard that is significant to ensure nutritional benefits of the eggs as well as the animal security of the hens. Terms like “cage-free,” “farm-raised,” and even “free-range,” do not ensure the happiness of the hens or high nutritional value of the eggs.

The health benefits of pasture raised eggs are extensive. Eggs from happy hens who live their lives normally in an unconfined environment lay eggs that are multiple times higher in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Omega-3s than eggs from mass production conventionally raised hens. Pasture-raised eggs naturally have half the cholesterol and are significantly lower in saturated fat as well.

El Pinto hens naturally roam the land for worms, grubs and insects. Their diet is supplemented with high protein organic feed. Additionally, some unique things like wheatgrass, red chile sprouts, jalapenos, and other nutritious kitchen scraps from the restaurant are used to supplement their natural diet. The eggs are collected daily, washed, graded according to USDA requirements, and then used in the restaurant for guest entrees.

It is estimated in 2016 that 94% of egg laying hens in the United States live their lives in less than 76 square inches of space in a cage. By comparison, a sheet of paper is 94 square inches. Cage-free hens live outside a cage but inside a cramped barn and likely do not see the light of day. There are no space requirements for cage-free laying hens. El Pinto laying hens live their lives under the pasture-raised standard which requires them to live naturally without their beaks cut, wings clipped, and they enjoy a happy life in over 50 square feet (not inches) of outdoor pasture space per hen. All hens have free will access to safe laying areas as well as expansive outdoor pasture space.

Over the 53 year tradition of El Pinto, the restaurant has helped to put New Mexican cuisine on the map as it has prepared green chile based cuisine within the White House presidential kitchen and provided “take-out” direct to Air Force One on the tarmac in Albuquerque. In addition to serving presidents, cabinet secretaries and military generals, local residents continue to independently voted El Pinto Restaurant the Best New Mexican Restaurant for multiple years running as well as its patios as the Best in the City in the annual Albuquerque The Magazine readers poll. El Pinto's Red Chile Ribs were named in Food Network's Top 5 Restaurants as the #3 ribs in the nation.

About El Pinto Restaurant & Salsa Co:
Established 53 years ago, El Pinto is a quintessential icon for New Mexican cuisine. Conveniently located in the North Valley of Albuquerque just off I-25, the serene patios located under beautiful cottonwood trees provide an iconic experience. El Pinto is known nationally for its fire-roasted green chile and fresh flavorful salsa distributed across the nation in local grocery stores. The salsa and green chile factory is located on the same grounds as the restaurant. For an authentic taste of New Mexico, visit El Pinto for its fresh iconic food, traditional margaritas, and award winning chile. www.elpinto.com

For Media Questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Valentine's Day to Remember 2020

Prix Fixe Three Course Menu

Valentines Day 2020
Each couple receives a red rose. There is a strolling violinist while you dine.
$49.99 per person
Choose an Appetizer:
Cup Green Chile Stew
Hatch Green Chile appetizer
House Salad


Choose an Entree:
Full Rack Red Chile Ribs
10 oz petite Filet
12 oz Ribeye and Enchilada



Choose a Dessert:
Strawberry Levante
Choco Flan
Southwestern Cheesecake



Add a Cupid Margarita or a glass of Gruet Rose
Reservations Required.  Make a Reservation Now



Raw & Wild Pilot Episode

Raw & Wild Pilot Episode

by El Pinto Entertainment

 Watch RAW & WILD for FREE on VIMEO

Television Pilot, 24 minutes, 54 seconds, USA, 2017, Directed by James Capria, Created by James Capria, John & Jim Thomas, and Doug Evilsizor

Raw & Wild is authentic “Food Tourism.” Building on the movement for food tourism and for organic eating, we are adventuring across New Mexico and the Southwest discovering breathtaking locations while rediscovering indigenous foods which naturally grow on the land. Unlike other food tourism shows, this isn't about visiting restaurants but rather ancient places and individuals who know ancient techniques that can be reapplied in the modern world. Before food was modernized, mechanized, and genetically engineered, it came from an authentic place. We are going back to the origin of food, when food was sacred.

Raw & Wild transports you to a glory age where food was clean, found off the land, and it naturally nourished your body. Prepare to adventure across the beautiful landscape of New Mexico while rediscovering indigenous food and be inspired by ancient recipes that stretch 500-years into the past.

Watch RAW & WILD for FREE on VIMEO

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An Official Selection of the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience


For information on the format, broadcast, or vision for future episodes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.