El Pinto Offering Enchilada Entrees Discounted Until Jan 31st or the Gov't Opens

Give Them Enchiladas

Enchilada Entrees discounted until Jan 31 or the Gov't Opens

"Give them Enchiladas!"

UPDATE: A Reopen Discount of 35% on enchilada entrees will continue until Jan 30.

On Day 33 of the Government Shutdown El Pinto is giving you 33% off all Enchilada Entrees with New Mexico Hatch Red or Green Chile! That is 33% off any enchilada entree during lunch or dinner, all day long.

But that is not all.

The discount increases for enchilada entrees each day until January 31st unless the Gov't reopens. By Jan 31st it will be 40% off all enchilada entrees.

Maybe you love Red, maybe you love Green, but there is always common ground to be found eating enchiladas with New Mexico Chile!