Albuquerque Film & Media Experience at El Pinto

ABQ Film & Media Experience
Dinner & A Movie at El Pinto

Thursday June 7th, 2018. Make Dinner Reservations for 5 p.m. Movies begin at 7 p.m.

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Rooted in Love

Documentary Short, 6 minutes, USA, 2017, Directed by Jody McNicholas

A day-in-a-life of an organic farmer on a crusade to save our most precious resource...our children.  Rooted in LOVE is a short documentary film that highlights a day in the life of long-time Taos, New Mexico food activist, farmer, restaurant owner and educator Micah Roseberry (i.e. Farmer Micah). Set in the richly diverse town of Taos, New Mexico against the majestic Sangre Cristo Mountains, Rooted in LOVE leaves us truly inspired by Micah's non-stop commitment to the earth and her community.  

Raw & Wild

Television Pilot, 24 minutes, 54 seconds, USA, 2017, Directed by James Capria, Created by John & Jim Thomas and Doug Evilsizor

Raw & Wild is authentic “Food Tourism.” Building on the movement for food tourism and for organic eating, we are adventuring across New Mexico and the Southwest discovering breathtaking locations while rediscovering indigenous foods which naturally grow on the land. Unlike other food tourism shows, this isn't about visiting restaurants but rather ancient places and individuals who know ancient techniques that can be reapplied in the modern world. Before food was modernized, mechanized, and genetically engineered, it came from an authentic place. We are going back to the origin of food, when food was sacred.

Raw & Wild transports you to a glory age where food was clean, found off the land, and it naturally nourished your body. Prepare to adventure across the beautiful landscape of New Mexico while rediscovering indigenous food and be inspired by ancient recipes that stretch 500-years into the past.

Off the Menu

Narrative Feature, 1 hour, 62 minutes, USA, 2017, Directed by Jay Silverman

An unlikely heir to a fast food fortune goes 'cuisine hunting for the next culinary big thing, and finds himself in a small, dusty New Mexican town where foodies come from all over to salivate over the culinary treats of a feisty female chef.