Press Release 9-1-2009

Press Release 9-1-2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 1, 2009
Contact:     Jim Garcia, El Pinto Restaurant, (505) 321-6530

Heritage Infusion Helps Bring El Pinto Salsa Back to Basics

Albuquerque, NM - Fans of El Pinto's world famous salsa are in for a tasty surprise this fall - an infusion of traditional flavor from a chile known as the Nu Mex 6-4, an Anaheim chile developed from seeds from the 1960s and used for the restaurant's 2009 harvest.

"This year's crop is really going to be flavorful," said John Thomas, El Pinto co-owner. "I think our regular customers will notice and appreciate the original taste of these chiles."
The NuMex 6-4 was developed from seeds that had been stored under liquid nitrogen for over 40 years. Testing of the chile started in 1998 by New Mexico State University and for the past 10 years, the seeds have been developed to ensure optimal flavor as well as heat and peeling ability.

"This has been a long time and coming," said Thomas. "We take pride in using the best chiles in the world in our products, and the flavor this year is going to be amazing. We're glad to be getting back to the basics."

Salsas made with NuMex 6-4 will be available nationwide later this fall.

El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina, El Pinto's Salsa and Green Chile Sauce are all a part of the El Pinto Family.  The world famous and award-winning chile and family recipes are served at the famous El Pinto Restaurant in Albuquerque's north Valley, a fixture since 1962.