Press Release 10-10-2009

Press Release 10-10-2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 10, 2009
Contact: Sarah Chavez, El Pinto Restaurant (505) 898-1771

Stars Heat up El Pinto's Walls

El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina Introduce the "Wall of Fame"

Albuquerque, NM - El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina is known for attracting crowds in search of award winning salsa, authentic, New Mexican cuisine, and North Valley scenery. A popular spot for locals, the word of El Pinto's charm spread and over the years everyone from celebrities to politicians have been attracted to this hot spot during their New Mexico visit. All of the star sightings have been captured and are now on display on El Pinto's new "wall of fame". The front entry, hallways and bar area are decorated with the star studded pictures, adding a nice complement like salt to a margarita.

"We are really proud of the clientele that we have," stated Jim Thomas. "Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Gretchen Wilson, and Amy Smart have ventured their way to El Pinto's path. More recently, Mel Gibson made his way to the famous El Pinto patio, enjoying the flavors of New Mexico. While filming a movie in El Pinto's Cantina, David Arquette and the cast also enjoyed the scenery."

Leaders from all over the country are joining celebrities on the wall of fame. Democratic and Republican politicians may disagree on certain issues, but they seem to agree on where to eat. Presidential candidates such as Governor Bill Richardson, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and President-elect Barrack Obama all have a spot on the growing "wall of fame." With photos to prove their new found love of El Pinto's salsa, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin joined Senator John McCain earlier this fall during campaigning, stating, "We heard back at the White House this was the best New Mexican Restaurant in town."

Giving reference to El Pinto, George Bush seems to be their biggest fan. Dining there twice and having El Pinto cater in the White House for Cinco de Mayo festivities, has allowed Bush to enjoy his favorite, mild red chile cheese enchiladas. The exhibit of President George Bush's El Pinto experience, along with other celebrity sightings will shorten any customers wait time, showing them a part of El Pinto and New Mexico's history.

"The famous question at El Pinto use to be: What's better: Red or green? Now the popular questions are: What did President George Bush eat and where did Mel Gibson sit? The wall of fame is something that we are proud of. We are now able to put these pictures out on display and show our customers how we have shared our food and culture to people all over the world,"stated John Thomas. "The wall of fame will show customers just how dreamy Mel Gibson's smile really is or how spicy the candidates are willing to go before the election date."

El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina was established in 1962. Carrying out their grandmother's recipes, the Salsa Twins, Jim and John Thomas, expanded their restaurant, seating up to 1,000 people, due to their increased customer base and demand for great red and green chile cuisine.
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