El Pinto Factory SQF Certified

El Pinto Factory SQF Certified

Frequently Asked Questions about El Pinto Foods Hot Fill Co-Packing Manufacturing


El Pinto Foods manufactures El Pinto Salsa, Red Chile, Green Chile, and various salsas in its 8,500 sq foot automated factory located on the same property as historic El Pinto Restaurant, founded in 1962. El Pinto Foods is a fully automated, SQF Certified, manufacturing facility primary producing El Pinto salsa products for distribution nationwide. El Pinto Foods can be an exceptional solution for your hot fill co-packing needs for large regional or national companies.

What is the minimum case run requirement?

There is no minimum case run requirement. However, we charge based on a factory rental fee plus a per unit fee. As your units increase, the daily fee for the factory is amortized over more units. The respective production lines can produce the following volumes during one shift:
  • Line 1 (16 oz jars): 3,000 – 4,000 (6-pk) cases per shift or 24,000 units
  • Line 2 (2 oz or 3 oz cups): 300 (48-pk) cases per shift or 14,000 units
  • Line 1 can be run in conjunction with Line 2.

What is your processing capability?

El Pinto Foods uses various innovative hot fill processing methods in which we pasteurize liquid products in a temperature range from 190-205 degrees Fahrenheit by means of a triple heat exchanger. Hot fill products are bottled at a minimum of 185 degrees Fahrenheit and then pass through a capping machine. The sealed product is then run through a cooling tunnel where its temperature is brought down below 100 degree Fahrenheit by a cold water spray. After the cooling tunnel, product is dried, labeled, packed, and palletized.

Which process is right for me?

Product attributes such as pH, TA, SG, and brix along with the product ingredients will determine what processing temperatures are required to make your food shelf stable and safe for consumption. El Pinto has process authority resources closely available.

Is your facility inspected by outside agencies?

The El Pinto Factory is SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certified and audited annually to maintain that certification.

We receive annual audits from both the County and State Health Departments

We receive annual audits from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

We receive an annual third party GMP audit. Our current score is a 97.2%.

What are your standards terms?

Our standard terms for co-packing are that the customer provides their product's unique packaging materials and ingredients. We provide highly skilled staff and an efficient automated SQF Certified facility to package your product, limited refrigerated ingredient storage, and finished goods storage for a limited time. Payment is due in advance. Full contract terms and conditions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on hot fill co-packing at El Pinto, email us.